Daisy and Mamma Time

It’s always a joy to have one on one time with the girls and lets face it Dolly gets most of it seen as these are her adventures. So today was Daisy’s turn for undivided attention.

I bought her some new boots which are so cute! We gave her an outfit change but it was too big so she got another outfit change this one was adorable!

Look Mamma I’m a bear RRRRR

Too cute to be scary Daisy.


Look Mamma I’m learning to sit by myself. It’s hard work though!

Don’t topple off Daisy.


Next up was a pretty dress Big big brother had chosen long before we knew Daisy was coming and it’s perfect! Goes well with your boots.


Mamma look I’m crocheting! Like you do…….


Erm pretty sure I don’t eat any of it Daisy. Don’t eat those you’ll hurt yourself.

But I like eating everything Mamma.

image  image

Did you enjoy your day today Daisy I know I did. Yes Mamma can we do it again soon!



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