Elva Doll is HERE!!

Ok so I know I didn’t mention I was getting a new doll but well this one was too special to be agonizing over so I kept the news quiet to make the wait easier and it truly was!

She is a OOAK clay doll, She is true one of a kind because she was sculpted from pictures of my daughter.

She’s a little grumpy looking but perfection in clay form and truly beautiful.

IMG_1434 IMG_1452 IMG_1457

She has a felt toy block and I made a rattle from a foam sticker stuck on felt. IMG_1464

She is only 7 inches so everything has to be super tiny and that can be so hard to find and make.IMG_1473 IMG_1475

She has the most perfect little feet and beautiful face. Here she is with her sisters can you see her amongst them hehe

IMG_1482 IMG_1491

She is more of a show doll than roleplay doll but you will see her from time to time taking part in dressing up. Click the photo below for her short unboxing. The first part is slightly wonky but the rest of the video is the right way up.


Enjoy! Any questions about her then comment on the video comments 🙂



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