Maisie’s Busy Day

Hmm there’s something odd about this picture……


Where is Maisie?!!!! There she is! Erm What are you doing.

image image

I want to try some makeup Mamma.


Ohh this smells so yummy! 

Careful not to spray it in your face.

image image

LOOK AT THE COLOURS! Wow they are so pretty

Like a rainbow Maisie.

image image

Time for a clean after getting makeup on yourself. Nice hair Maisie hehe.

Urgh I don’t like being wet. That’s better.

image image  image

Wash wash. Don’t fall in Maisie EEK

image image

Oh dear I’ve lost that little monkey again where’s she gone now?

I’ve got to moisturise after that soapy wash Mamma.

 image  image

Hehe you are funny Maisie.


All clean and soft. Time to relax before I have to get dressed.

image image

ZZZZZZZZZZ. Shush be sure to not wake the baby.




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