Day at the Park

Today we went to the park! This is Daisy’s first proper big day out as we finally installed a bike seat for her.

EEEE Lets go!!


We had a stop by some pretty leaves and spotted a bridge!! Take me up Mamma pwease!!!!

    image image image

On our way back to the bike some ducks came to say hello!!

What are those I’ve never seen ucks before


Daisy loves the sunshine so we let her have a little rest in the meantime…..


The littlests went off exploring. Come back you two!

 image image

I wanna sit with Maisie. Will you help me Mamma.


We finally regrouped and spotted more ducks. Don’t fall in Dolly!

imageimage image

Across the bridge and down the path I wanted a nice shot of the girls on the stairs then we promised them breakfast so off we trot to a cafe. The ladies in there loved Maisie lots although one was a little scared. Big Little Brother leant in for a cuddle. MOOOOOO

imageimage image

As Mamma had to go the dentist and we couldn’t go Mamma said we could go the swings quickly.

WEEEE not too high I’m scared.

Round and round and round don’t be sick Dolly.


Peepo Daisy.


wheeeeeeeeeee urgh that was fast!! I wanna go again.


Now it’s our turn come on Maisie. ARGH

Hahahha sorry Dolly.

image  imageimage

I want another go be there in a mo Dolly.

image image

Awww Daisy you look so cute on the bike don’t drive too fast!

See sawwwwwww. bounce bounce

 image  image

Time to go babies!!! We’re roly polylying Mamma.

Come on guys I’m down already.

image image

What a fun-filled day and so nice to have Daisy tag along for a change!! What will they get up to next?




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