Making you miniature doll a bouncy chair

You will need

*wire (sturdy strong wire that keeps its shape and is stiff ) *fabric *wadding *felt *paper, pencil and ruler

You will first need to draw around your doll an approximate bouncer shape so curve round head section and square off by feet. Next you need to measure your rough drawing so you can draw a neater pattern that is more symmetrical.

You need measurements shown.

image   imageimage

If you’re doing a curved back to make it more symmetrical draw half the pattern and cut on the fold.


You will need 3 fabric bases, 1 felt and 1 wadding. You need same for the back section too.

You need to turn up and hem one edge of one back and base piece. The back piece you hem the straight edge and on base hem one edge that is same as the width of seat


Next layer your pieces. Start with a felt piece with fabric pattern facing up, pattern of hemmed piece facing and the remaining piece pattern side down. The  felt is to help protect any wire wanting to poke through if you’re using polycotton like me.


Sew the 3 sides leaving the open edge he same as were the hem is. So basically the sides and foot edge/top curve.

Turn them out so you have a hemmed pocket at back of each. Match the raw edges so the felt sides meet. You will sew this. It can be tricky so you may wish to do this step earlier.


Now flip it over and tuck one raw edge inside the other. Fold remaining edge under and pin in place.

The pins may be hard to see but that’s where you sew. If you don’t want stitches to be seen on other side you can hand sew this part.


You have finished! Almost..

Now we have to pop the wire in. Your main wire section will go inside the pocket of the back section out and curve round again for the base. Then you will attach an extra bit to go into the base seat. This is an excellent blog to explain the wire placement and of course you can use their tutorial if your doll is smaller although it is in Dutch.

As my wire was a little soft when I put Elva Doll (now Elva Fairy) in the wire base bent a little.


So I put extra wire on that came from the base wire to attach and hold it up and as can see it works.

image   imageimage

Now you need straps. I chose to do this at the end but if you wish to sew yours on you should do it before you put the wire in.

I used ribbon you can use material or other options. I used one big and one small. You need to determine this measurement. I’m sorry if that’s vague but each doll is so unique mine might not be same as yours. Anyway You need to put velcro onto the ribbon one with hook and one with loop. Then An extra piece with a loop in end. To determine where this goes sit your doll in the chair mark where you want it to sit between the legs and also note where it comes to on the waist and just add enough for a loop.

image  image image

Stick your loop in place then your straps. Make sure the velcro works and you’ve not stuck them with velcro facing same way. As you can see the short and long idea is so you can fasten it to the side. Elva has her big dress on well her only dress at present so I can only show you with her belt on. Doesn’t she looks happy.

image image

If you have ANY questions please let me know I know it’s not always easy to explain and understand things with still pictures. Just comment below or if you’re seeing this from facebook then comment there and I will help.



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