Safari Adventure

The only good thing about brothers is they have great toys to play adventures with! Well beside the fact they are nice to us and give me hugs a lot. Brothers are ok.. maybe.

What’s that Dolly… behind you?


What is it Mummy? Where is it? 

Behind you Dolly!!!!!!



It was a baby tiger though and very friendly! How about a train ride to see more animals?

YAYYYY Come on girls off we go!!


What do you see? Look Dolly a cheeky monkey like you hehe 

Very funny Maisie!! Look a Lion a BIG one! EEK


Elva NO he might eat you!!

Oh Dolly it’s just Pappi big brothers teddy!


Hehehe Look at me Mamma these animals aren’t so bad after all I’m so silly being scared.


Never mind Dolly you had fun in the end you can tell Daisy all about it.

See what other animals Dolly meets next week.




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