Autumn Half Term fun

This week is half term here so the girls are out and about again.

I got some photos printed off the girls so once they came the girls were super excited!!

Hehehe Look at us. Daisy look at you in glasses!!!

OOh and look this is when I went to the cafe with little big brother Maisie!

Aww look at Elva she looks so cute in her pictures

image    image image

We want to draw Mamma please???? Ill draw Elva. Help me Mamma


We took delivery of some new knitted clothes

Here’s Maisie wearing one the hats ( and yes its back to front my fault!) and Dolly wearing a bolero. Look good girls!


Yesterday Dolly came out with me and Big little brother to go the post office.

I don’t think much to my transport Mamma it’s a bit bouncy!


Post the parcel!! I heard it drop Mamma!

Thanks Dolly you did an ace job!


On the way home we went to see little big sister and there was a ladybird! Hi mr ladybird!!image

How do you know he’s a boy Dolly? I don’t Mamma I just guessed 

Lets go see if we can spot some more.



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