Getting Ready for Halloween

With Halloween approaching it was time to decorate! This is year is all the girls first year so was very exciting.

First we decorated.

Oh you funny girls sitting on the spiders!!


Whats that above you Maisie? Aww I love spiders! Mwah


The girls then found the pumpkins and Elva took a shine to a tiny one smaller than even her!imageimage

They then got dressed and it was time for pumpkin carving!!


Mamma cut the top off and I helped scoop the goo!


OOh this looks like a good mixing potion for a witch like me!


Time for the face!! let me help you there Daisy that knife is sharp.

Sniff sniff ewww I’m not eating that!

image image

We’re all done!!

Watch your dress on the candle Dolly.

image image

Hi Mamma!! what you doing?!

Taking pictures Daisy want one with the pumpkin? Yes please!

image image

Last but not least little Elva gets her turn. This one is a bit bigger than your last one.




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