Who is that in our house?!

So pretty Mamma I love how they twinkle. But what is that under tree? It’s the Elves sleeping bags Daisy as they arrive tonight. Arrive they did with breakfast for everyone! I want to do a cracker I’ll do it with you! Yay high five Elva good pulling! That was fun Mwah they are so cute it’s nice having extra friends in the house 🙂 … Continue reading Who is that in our house?!

Christmas is Coming…….

…..and the antics have started. So I know it still November but we put the tree up. We’ve had a horrible year since last Christmas so this is for ourselves. The girls started early with the messing about. This is Dolly’s second christmas but everyone else first and Dolly was only newborn at the time. Ooohh tickly Hmmm Can I eat it? No Daisy haha. … Continue reading Christmas is Coming…….