Dealing with Judgement

This is an open statement to anyone who has judged me for having ‘dolls’.

I don’t need your permission, I don’t need you to like them or the fact I have them, I don’t even need you to accept them or my hobby. If you want to judge me go ahead but do it where I can’t see because I will ignore it anyway. I could try educate you but why should I? I don’t judge you and don’t require explanation for your hobbies.

I have my dolls for my purpose. I’m aware they’re dolls and no actually I don’t play with them. I don’t imitate crying, I don’t change their nappies. I don’t even change them daily and they often ‘sleep’ in frilly dresses and totally impractical clothing for a real baby to be in a bed in. They are never ill, dirty or in need of constant attention.

They are dressed and I do roleplay adventures for this blog it’s fun. It’s my fun and you have yours.

I’m not crazy I don’t need help. I don’t need to face reality or give them up. I will show them off, I will talk about them like they are real they have a soul and personality that we gave them through our affection for this hobby. You don’t think it’s weird when someone calls their car she and acts like it’s a living being so why is it weird for me to talk the same about something that looks real.

Ultimately if you still think I’m weird, still think I’m unbalanced, If my girls scare you or freak you out or you think they’re ugly well …… goodbye they are here to stay.




2 thoughts on “Dealing with Judgement

  1. I’ve been collecting dolls for decades. I walked with dolls the size of a baby through the streets of a lot of places in the world, and nobody criticized me. You do not need to defend yourself. There are millions of collectors out there and some of the dolls are worth tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a hobby. Whoever judges you is a small-minded, uneducated jerk, who will never understand any explanation anyway.


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