Awaiting B

A new baby is due!!!! This baby is about the rock the foundations of Dolly’s Girly World as we’re having a boy.


He is the asher asleep kit and is with the artist being reborned as we speak! This kit is a realborn which means a baby was scanned to create this sculpt but reborns are sculpted by hand.


As usual I’ve been busy making ready for his arrival so I thought I’d show you 🙂

Bedding. I went with duck theme so matched with the blue to resemble water. image

Onesie vest and harem pants set, fleece hoodie and 2 darker coloured tops

image image image  imageimage

Majority of his clothes I got cheap and a few were my second sons clothes I had kept. I’ve mostly gone for easy to wear things as he will be a sleeping baby and who can resist a cute baby gro. He of course needed a blanket so I went busy crocheting to creating another yellow, white and blue colour scheme, which wouldn’t be complete without some ducky clothing. Can you tell I love rubber ducks?


I contemplated not getting him soothers but decided I would want to so got him a nice clip. You will notice the name is blanked and this is because it’s a surprise to be announced when he arrives.imageimage

Lastly he’s got some ‘boy’ bottles amongst the pink ones, a star baby lovey and bonnet/mitt set with it being winter.

imageimage image

He is due in about 3 weeks time so I hope you’ll join me in the patient wait and enjoy his arrival complete with box opening!



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