Christmas is Coming…….

…..and the antics have started.

So I know it still November but we put the tree up. We’ve had a horrible year since last Christmas so this is for ourselves.

The girls started early with the messing about. This is Dolly’s second christmas but everyone else first and Dolly was only newborn at the time.

Ooohh tickly


image image

Can I eat it?

No Daisy haha.


Do you like our tree! The girls each had a go at putting some deccies on .

Can I eat this one?

No Daisy you can’t eat any. Thats it on the branch.


Looks great girls.


Elva decided a climb was in order!

Catch me Mamma

 image image

Dolly had the special task of putting the star on! She’s the oldest after all.

I wanted to be the star. You can’t live in the tree Elva hehehe

Off I go… Whoaaaaa it’s so high hold me tight!

   imageimage image

You know what they say about it’s always the quiet ones…. well it’s true!

Elva what are you up to! Being small means you can fit anywhere.

Do they suit me? 

What a perfect fit!


Today the novelty hasn’t worn off and I walk in to find them messing about as only babies should.

Can I eat this one? 

Oooh this looks like I can!

DAISY!!!! You are funny! Mamma thinks someone might be teething.


Urgh ufff why can’t I get this on….

Maisie?! That’s a tree stocking it looks great but can we put that back?

Bing bing, ding dong!! I like these shiny bells Mamma


See what else these cheeky monkey’s get up to over December and see how B reacts to his first tree.



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