Welcoming Bertie!

We had the clothes making we had the endless refreshing tracking and finally we can announce Baby B is here!imageimage

Introducing Bertie Raven. He arrived today but was born 10th December and weighs a tiny 3lb 12 oz. Click photo below for his rather difficult unboxing.


He was made to look like my youngest son and I think nailed it is correct.


Bertie is a realborn meaning he is a scan of a real baby made into a reborn. A reborn is sculpted by hand.

Fresh from the box.

IMG_1626 IMG_1621


Getting changed into cloth nappy, vest and new pjs.

IMG_1629 IMG_1636 IMG_1634

All snug rocking the blue and woolyness cuddling his lovey .

IMG_1638 IMG_1637IMG_1639

Time to meet the girls. Daisy was a bit shell shocked at seeing a little boy and Dolly very excited!


He’s now resting peacefully looking like a real baby dropped off by the stork awaiting christmas with his sisters.

IMG_1622   IMG_1646





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