Santa is in Town

This was the girls first time creating Christmas traditions so here I am sharing with you the special times we shared.

Santa’s tray was first job and everyone had a task. Elva put the pie on, Dolly put the milk on……


Maisie carried it to the table and Daisy put rudolph’s carrot in place.imageimage

Looks great girls! but where is Bertie….. oh Bertie hehe you keep on sleeping baby.imageimage

Elva got into the spirit of things and loved her stocking so much she gave it a big hug and tried to go to sleep inside hehe.

image image image

Here are the guys all dressed up in the outfits Mamma spent lots of sewing time on don’t like look fab and there they are showing off what Santa brought. What a handful these guys are but oh so so sooooo cute!

1924015_1519508931679576_7832560140609578315_n IMG_1825



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