Day out for Bertie the Sleepy Superhero

So today Superhero Bertie decided to take the girls out but they were worried it would rain!

Like a true hero Bertie was determined to find out for sure. So up he flew and gave the cloud a prod. Hello cloud is there any rain today?


Oops looks like there is!! Quick Bertie put your umbrella up.


Urgh I’m getting wet……zzzzzzzz


Wake up Bertie the sun has come out time to go! ZZZZZZZ so tired. Him and Daisy decided to make the most of the sun and have a little sunbathe. Daisy looks comfy!!


Guys were did you go?! OOOh there you are flying kites but where is Maisie’s?!

I think we need a wide awake superhero to help us out anyone know of one….

IMG_1891 copy



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