Babies on Holiday!!

Beginning of March we set off with 2 kids and 5 dolls! So here’s the babies Welsh Journey.

First step get on the train!! Elva is safely tucked into a pushchair caddy as we speed along.

Wheeeeee this is fun!

image image

Next job we had to decide where they would sleep! Back to basics it was with draws, blankets and pillows as mattresses. They’ve never slept so well!


Our first day there was a Sunday so we’d didn’t want to go far and get stuck.


We did make it a play park complete with pirate ship and our first beach.

image image image image image image image

The adventures began the next day with Maisies FIRST birthday!!!!! She hadn’t quite been with us for a year but she had been reborn for a year. What else can occur on a birthday but presents and pretty clothes.


Such pretty girls in party dresses. Lets take Maisie to another beach. Llandudno.imageimage

Choo Choo


First stop is the beach. This is the girls first time on the beach. Dolly was a little wobbly!

image image

Next we chose to walk up a little jetty with the girls having a front seat!


But it wasn’t big enough so onto the pier. Look at the sea, and the mountains WOW!

image image

You can’t visit a seaside or a pier without rides and games. Smallest chose a train. Biggest chose guns…… and of course the girls had to have a go too.

image image    image

Next day there was no other choice other than CONWY CASTLE!!!

image image

This is spooky and cold! 

Keep moving Dolly warm yourself up…. and don’t get lost.

image imageimage

Elva was very brave and climbed right to the top. She wasn’t fazed at all but Mamma had slightly wobbly knees!

image imageimageimageimage

Whilst the boys went up I recovered at the bottom with Daisy who was a little frozen!


After a couple more pictures and a shopping trip we headed back.

image image

Don’t mess with Knight Dolly and Sir Daisy! ARGH


Birthday tea with all the babies can be a disorderly event but we made it though with no damage. image image

Of course we couldn’t escape Wales without visiting the Zoo! Another first for the babies.




OMG I hope they don’t  eat me!!!!!!!!

 image image

Aww this seal is so funny and cute! Erm Dolly thats a sea lion….

image image

We brought a new friend back from Wales and funnily he was orginally made round the corner from where we live. Meet Llewellyn.


Our last day was back to the beach but a different one this time. Elva even had a paddle.


OOh it feels cold and yucky.


After her paddle, telescope viewing and an ice cream Elva was back snuggly in her caddy ready for a snooze.


Our last night was spent having a nice meal and keeping babies out of mischief.image   image

Bye bye Wales we hope to come back next year.




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