Babies on Holiday!!

Beginning of March we set off with 2 kids and 5 dolls! So here’s the babies Welsh Journey. First step get on the train!! Elva is safely tucked into a pushchair caddy as we speed along. Wheeeeee this is fun! Next job we had to decide where they would sleep! Back to basics it was with draws, blankets and pillows as mattresses. They’ve never slept … Continue reading Babies on Holiday!!

Day out for Bertie the Sleepy Superhero

So today Superhero Bertie decided to take the girls out but they were worried it would rain! Like a true hero Bertie was determined to find out for sure. So up he flew and gave the cloud a prod. Hello cloud is there any rain today? Oops looks like there is!! Quick Bertie put your umbrella up. Urgh I’m getting wet……zzzzzzzz Wake up Bertie the … Continue reading Day out for Bertie the Sleepy Superhero

Santa is in Town

This was the girls first time creating Christmas traditions so here I am sharing with you the special times we shared. Santa’s tray was first job and everyone had a task. Elva put the pie on, Dolly put the milk on…… Maisie carried it to the table and Daisy put rudolph’s carrot in place. Looks great girls! but where is Bertie….. oh Bertie hehe you … Continue reading Santa is in Town

Christmas is here!

I decided the girls needed super christmassy hats so Elva got a tree, Dolly got a santa hat, Maisie got a baby deer, Daisy has a shooting star and Bertie has his elf hat. How cute and christmassy do they look. This is Dolly’s second christmas but she was only young last year and she didn’t have siblings so everyone is very excited. Today I … Continue reading Christmas is here!

Our busy week

So it’s been just over a week since Bertie arrived and 2 weeks since he was officially born! Honestly feels like a lot longer. We’re busy prepping for everyone’s first christmas well except Dolly but we can pretend. After Bertie having some food Daisy got a little clingy she wasn’t very happy with me and very upset. It’s hard when you’re the baby and another … Continue reading Our busy week

Welcoming Bertie!

We had the clothes making we had the endless refreshing tracking and finally we can announce Baby B is here! Introducing Bertie Raven. He arrived today but was born 10th December and weighs a tiny 3lb 12 oz. Click photo below for his rather difficult unboxing. He was made to look like my youngest son and I think nailed it is correct. Bertie is a realborn … Continue reading Welcoming Bertie!

Who is that in our house?!

So pretty Mamma I love how they twinkle. But what is that under tree? It’s the Elves sleeping bags Daisy as they arrive tonight. Arrive they did with breakfast for everyone! I want to do a cracker I’ll do it with you! Yay high five Elva good pulling! That was fun Mwah they are so cute it’s nice having extra friends in the house 🙂 … Continue reading Who is that in our house?!

Christmas is Coming…….

…..and the antics have started. So I know it still November but we put the tree up. We’ve had a horrible year since last Christmas so this is for ourselves. The girls started early with the messing about. This is Dolly’s second christmas but everyone else first and Dolly was only newborn at the time. Ooohh tickly Hmmm Can I eat it? No Daisy haha. … Continue reading Christmas is Coming…….