Welcoming Bertie!

We had the clothes making we had the endless refreshing tracking and finally we can announce Baby B is here! Introducing Bertie Raven. He arrived today but was born 10th December and weighs a tiny 3lb 12 oz. Click photo below for his rather difficult unboxing. He was made to look like my youngest son and I think nailed it is correct. Bertie is a realborn … Continue reading Welcoming Bertie!

At Home Day

After watching Big Little Brother play with a camera Dolly asked me if she could have a go! Once we managed to borrow the  camera without Big Little Brother being upset Dolly got to work. Ready Dolly? Ready Mamma! Click Click. Smile Pup. Help me Mamma.  Hand on the side Dolly other hand to press the button. Click Click. A nice tree and a Moomin … Continue reading At Home Day