One small step for Bertie…..

one giant leap for Dolly! What as Dolly doing on the moon?! Well there was a Dolly floating around space getting lost with only her tether to keep her from disappearing into deep space. Along came a Superhero to save the day!!! I’ll save you Dollynaut  HEAVE!!!!!!!!! come on Dolly hold tight I’ve got you. my Hero ❤  Got you. Thank goodness. Oh Bertie I’m … Continue reading One small step for Bertie…..

Bertie’s Time Travel Adventure

Bertie said he wanted to time travel so imagine when I said I’m sorry Bertie but I don’t know if that’s possible. It is Mamma I know it is. Next day the sleepy superhero is sat in his time machine ready to disappear into the past! Where did Bertie go???? EEEk don’t get shot Bertie! Looks like Bertie likes the 50’s he’s never seen the … Continue reading Bertie’s Time Travel Adventure