Bertie’s Exploration

Today Bertie decided he should be like all the other superheros and do some exploration. He scaled some brick walls but for a rather sleepy superhero he decided that might be too dangerous! He finally made it to the roof and waited till nightfall. After all babies do stay up lots at night. Well nothing better than a fly through the night’s star whilst snoring. … Continue reading Bertie’s Exploration

Day out for Bertie the Sleepy Superhero

So today Superhero Bertie decided to take the girls out but they were worried it would rain! Like a true hero Bertie was determined to find out for sure. So up he flew and gave the cloud a prod. Hello cloud is there any rain today? Oops looks like there is!! Quick Bertie put your umbrella up. Urgh I’m getting wet……zzzzzzzz Wake up Bertie the … Continue reading Day out for Bertie the Sleepy Superhero

Bertie Adventures Begin ~ Mermaid Rescue

You may not have seen our announcement but now Bertie is here we are starting Sleepy Superhero series. Todays adventure Elva dressed up as a mermaid and went for a swim. She got stuck! OH NO she’s caught between some rocks! BERTIE!!!!!!! we need you. Bertie dives down past the fish, the octopus ¬†blowing bubbles as he goes. There she is grab my hand Elva. … Continue reading Bertie Adventures Begin ~ Mermaid Rescue